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Calf Augmentation

Calf implants enhance the shape and size of the calf muscles by placing soft, solid silicone implants in pockets overlying the existing gastrocnemius muscles. The calf muscle is a two-headed muscle (one head on the upper inside of the leg and the other on the upper outside of the leg) on the back of the … Continue reading
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Pectoral Implants

Pectoral implants are really the male equivalent of female breast implants. The intention of the operation is to enhance the appearance of the male chest muscles by placing solid silicone implants on top of the pectoral muscles and beneath the skin. These chest muscles are often referred to as pecs or pec muscles and are … Continue reading
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Penis Enlargement

Contact our office for more information on our personalized penis enlargement surgery.
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Meet Dr. Gutierrez

Dr. Victor Gutierrez is a Board Certified Member of the Mexican Board of Plastic surgery, beginning his Medical Degree at University Autonoma of Baja California in Tijuana Mexico for 6 years. He did his residency at Hadassah Ein Karem University Hospital Jerusalem completing a six years of specialty were he achieved his degree as general surgeon within one year in a half, then after receiving his mayor degree in Aesthetic and reconstructive plastic Surgery, in addition mastering a degree in Hand and Microscopic Surgery.

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