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Facial Implants

Cheek and Chin Implants

The chin is considered to be one of the main balancing points of the face along with the cheek width, forehead height and nose shape. The main purpose of having a chin implant (also known as a mentoplasty) is to restore a sense of balance and symmetry to a face that might appear crooked as the result of a recessed, protruding or absent chin. Sometimes chin implants are recommended along with a nose plastic surgery in order to harmonize the different elements of the entire face.

Cheek implants are one of the most popular types of plastic surgery. Elevating the cheekbones gives the face a new sense of symmetry as well as elevates all of the other features of the face so that they look more youthful.

Benefits of Cheek Implants

Like all implants in facial plastic surgery, cheek implants can create a drastic difference in a person’s appearance. With this type of reconstructive plastic surgery it is important for you to be healthy emotionally so that you make wise choices about what type of cheek implant will best suit your facial structure. Although most people are very pleased with the end results, it can be a bit of trial to getting to the final stages of healing. This is because cheek implants, like most facial implants, have a bad habit of migrating during the healing process.

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